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Vote for us - 2014 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nominees


  1. Use the following link to Register yourself:

  2. Clicking on above Link you will get the following:

  • wowsa-register.png

  1. Add your user name, valid email address. When done click the Register button.

  2. Login to WOWSA at

  3. Following screen should appear:

  • wowsa-login.png

  1. Enter the user name and password you have registered yourself

  2. After login follow and choose 2014 WOWSA AWARDS under WOWSA AWARDS men​u

  • WOWSA-Nominee.png

  1. You should choose the 2014 WOWSA Performance of the Year Nominees

  • WOWSA-2014 Vote.png

  1. Click on the Click Here to Vote link

  2. This is what you should get:

  • WOWSA-2014 Vote actual.png

  1. Choose us :-) Cyprus Israel Swim.

  2. Click the Done button.

  3. Thank you!!!

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