The Swim

In the evening of Tuesday, October 15 2013 - the journey begins!


The swimmers will embark a catamaran yacht in Limassol harbor and sail to the starting point. 



The swimmers are going to deal with a marathonian swim (about 10 to 12 km) every day, for five to six consecutive days. This is equivalent to a 50 km run every day for five to six consecutive days. 



  1. Weather and sea condition - the swimmers are skilled and can swim in any weather. However, everyone on the boat may feel sea sick and might not be able to continue swimming

  2. Recovery - It takes several days to recover after a marathon swimming. Each participant has to swim more than five consecutive marathons in a non ideal recovery environment (i.e. lack of solid ground, sleep, fresh food, shower, massage)

  3. Marine life - jellyfish and sharks. Sharks were not observed near swimmers who swam in the Mediterranean, yet, there's always a first time for everything...

  4. Swimming in the dark - jumping into the dark sea, swimming without seeing and without any orientation. Throughout the journey, 11 dark hours are expected per day.

  5. Unexpected retirement - a swimmer for one reason or another may not be able to continue the journey. The team will need to decide whether to abandon or to continue with fewer swimmers.

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